28 November 2006

ofcom considering alternatives for am/fm frequencies

Ofcom, the "independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries", is considering alternate uses of the radio spectrum currently servicing AM and FM broadcasting. The article says: "Radio has suffered from an exodus of younger people, many of whom have opted for MP3 players such as the iPod and other forms of digital entertainment such as social networking."

The full article is on redherring.com:
Brits mull radio's end


Anonymous said...

To watch television you need to do 2 things:
1) Buy a TV
2) Pay for TV channels (basic cable or basic satellite)

To listen to satellite radio you need to do 2 things:
1) Buy a satellite receiver radio
2) Pay to listen to the stations.

To listen to regular AM/FM radio you need to do 2 things:
1) Buy a radio
2) Listen

Hmm, something seems to be missing.

Anonymous said...

The same goes for the internet:
1) Buy a computer
2) Pay for access to the internet.

You're constantly paying to use these services, except for AM/FM radio.

weatherall said...

The same applies to BPL vs. SW.

Things seem to be quiet with BPL these days. I hope that broadband providers continue laying down their infrastructure to make BPL a moot point for all concerned.

Chuck E said...

It's all about making us pay for every service. It'd be a disaster to end analog broadcasting on the AM/FM bands.