08 November 2006

de1103 prices increased on ebay

Degen DE1103 shortwave radios on eBay now cost $49.90, with a shipping/insurance cost of $24.00. That reflects an increase of $5 for the radio. This significantly narrows the price gap between the Chinese and USA versions of this product. Some KA1103 radios listed on eBay come with free shipping in the USA.

I don't think it's worth the risk of getting a DE1103 from China, just to save a few dollars. My transactions with eBay sellers in China have been fine, but I usually buy from them to get radios that aren't available in the USA otherwise. If I were buying an 1103 now, I would get the Kaito version from an American reseller.


Anonymous said...

When you buy a radio from China, is the warranty still valid when it reaches you in the US? I'm guessing no.

weatherall said...

At that point you have to rely strictly on the seller's return/exchange policy.