23 August 2011

need help with station/show id

Around approximately 0510UTC, on approximately 9400 kHz, I'm hearing an intermittent signal that I think identified as "radio weather", including a phrase "What's the weather?" It's using a talk radio format. I heard them announce a postal address in Ontario Canada several times. I'm using a super noisy Kaito WRX911 outdoors in Northern California. The transmission is in English.

On a related note, I'm hearing much more noise than I remember hearing in this location. Some new lights are especially noisy; possibly xenon lights that I've been dreading.

Update: another quote: "You're listening to radio weather, whether you like it or not!" I've also heard mentions of QSLs and propagation.

Update 2: A google search for "glenn hauser" "radio weather" revealed the answer: Glenn reported reception of a "Radio Weather" show on WBCQ's 9330 kHz transmission on August 10, so that's likely what I heard. (via DX Listening Digest 11-32)