23 November 2006

people with shortwave radios are suspicious

I'm amused by news stories like this one, in which a suspected Russian spy was arrested in Montreal by border security. Apparently, even in 2006, possessing a shortwave radio increases your likelihood of being a spy:

Ambassador hasn't 'foggiest idea' about suspected spy


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Russian Security Service and the Cubans are still heavily involved in foreign espionage. The shortwave broadcasting of 'numbers' messages to espionage agents in Western countries continues - I pick them up all the time. A few years back I saw a news article where a Florida couple was arrested after it was discovered they were spying for the Cuban government - they had been using a shortwave radio to receive instructions from their handlers!

Anonymous said...

Oh, here's a link to the shortwave radio espionage story: http://cicentre.com/Documents/DOC_Alvarez_Case.html

Anonymous said...

Dept. of Justice Press release on the Alvarez spy case: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/fls/PressReleases/070227-02.html