01 December 2006

mediumwave dx wishlist

I've logged a lot of mediumwave stations over the past month. While many of us are making wishlists for the holidays, I made a wishlist of mediumwave stations that I still hope to log:

A circled frequency indicates that I haven't yet logged a station on that frequency. Likely callsigns are included along with the station's state. Values in parentheses show the station's signal strength in kilowatts. If two signal strengths are listed, it uses day-comma-night format.

As before (in April 2006 when I first tried mediumwave DXing), my Tecsun BCL-2000 is doing most of the work. This is the best photo I have of it at the moment, with poor lighting and unfortunately tuned to an FM signal:

(AM station information sources: ac6v.com, fcc.gov, theradiosource.com, ontheradio.net, radio-locator.com)

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