13 August 2008

ka2100 out, ccradio sw in?

I don't know if this is a temporary or permanent situation, but Kaito KA2100 availability seems to be poor in the USA. This is my finding after repeatedly checking the websites of two popular online radio dealers located in the USA, and searching eBay for KA2100.

Two eBay listings for the Redsun Radio list a total of 214 units available, direct from China.

Both of the aforementioned USA dealers offer the C.C. Radio SW. Has C.Crane persuaded Kaito to stop distributing the KA2100 to USA retailers? Is the supply low? Is demand only sufficient to warrant selling one of the two very similar products?

Kaito's USA website still offers the KA2100 at an inflated price (even despite the humorously out-of-date Fathers' day special pricing).

(The Kaito KA2100 and C.C.Radio SW radios are derived from the Redsun RP2100.)

05 August 2008

03 August 2008

mediumwave logs, winter 2008

I logged 105 mediumwave stations with my Eton E5 during February and March 2008. Eleven of these stations are first-time logs for me. HD broadcasts on five frequencies blocked me from logging out-of-state stations that I have logged in the past, which was extremely frustrating. Once again, I heard several Spanish stations that I was unable to identify.

Here's my list of confirmed stations:

540: CBK (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)
540: KRXA (Carmel Valley, CA) (New)
550: KOAC (Corvallis, OR)
560: KSFO (San Francisco, CA)
570: KVI (Seattle, WA)
580: KMJ (Fresno, CA)
590: KUGN (Eugene, OR)
600: KOGO (San Diego, CA)
610: KEAR (Berkeley, CA)
620: KPOJ (Portland, OR)
630: KIDD (Monterey, CA)
630: KPLY (Reno, NV)
640: KFI (Los Angeles, CA)
650: KSTE (Rancho Cordova, CA)
660: KTNN (Window Rock, AZ)
670: KBOI (Boise, ID)
680: KNBR (San Francisco, CA)
690: CBU (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
700: KMBX (Soledad, CA) (New)
710: KFIA (Sacramento, CA)
720: KDWN (Las Vegas, NV)
740: KCBS (San Francisco, CA)
760: KFMB (San Diego, CA)
770: KCBC (Riverbank, CA)
770: KKOB (Albuquerque, NM)
780: KKOH (Reno, NV)
790: KABC (Los Angeles, CA)
810: KGO (San Francisco, CA)
830: KNCO (Grass Valley, CA)
840: KMPH (Modesto, CA)
840: HAR WPEI-433 (San Francisco/San Bruno, CA): http://www.angelfire.com/sc/scannerpost/tisgov.html
850: KOA (Denver, CO)
860: KTRB (San Francisco, CA)
870: KRLA (Glendale, CA)
870: WWL (New Orleans, LA)
880: KKMC (Salinas, CA)
890: KDXU (St. George, UT)
910: KNEW (Oakland, CA)
940: KWRU (Fresno, CA)
950: KJR (Seattle, WA) (New)
960: KKGN (Oakland, CA)
970: KCMD (Portland, OR)
980: CKNW (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
980: KFWB (Los Angeles, CA)
990: KTMS (Santa Barbara, CA) (New)
1000: KOMO (Seattle, WA)
1010: KIQI (San Francisco, CA)
1020: KTNQ (Los Angeles, CA) (New)
1030: KTWO (Casper, WY)
1050: KNBR (San Francisco, CA)
1070: KNX (Los Angeles, CA)
1080: KSCO (Santa Cruz, CA)
1090: XEPRS (Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico)
1100: KFAX (San Francisco, CA)
1110: KBND (Bend, OR) (New)
1120: KPNW (Eugene, OR)
1120: KZSJ (San Martin, CA)
1130: CKWX (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
1130: KRDU (Dinuba, CA)
1140: KHTK (Sacramento, CA)
1150: KTLK (Los Angeles, CA)
1160: KSL (Salt Lake City, UT)
1170: KLOK (San Jose, CA)
1180: KERI (Bakersfield, CA)
1190: KDYA (Vallejo, CA)
1190: KEX (Portland, OR)
1200: KYAA (Soquel, CA)
1210: KPRZ (San Marcos, CA) (New)
1220: KNTS (Palo Alto, CA)
1240: KSUE (Susanville, CA)
1260: KSFB (San Francisco, CA)
1270: KBZZ (Sparks, NV)
1290: KAZA (Gilroy, CA)
1290: KPAY (Chico, CA) (New)
1310: KMKY (Oakland, CA)
1330: KLBS (Los Banos, CA)
1340: KTSN (Elko, NV) (New)
1350: KSRO (Santa Rosa, CA)
1360: KFIV (Modesto, CA)
1370: KZSF (San Jose, CA)
1380: KTKZ (Sacramento, CA)
1400: KVTO (Berkeley, CA)
1410: KERN (Bakersfield, CA)
1430: KYKN (Keizer, OR) (New)
1440: KVON (Napa, CA)
1450: KEST (San Francisco, CA)
1460: KION (Salinas, CA) (New)
1490: KTOB (Petaluma, CA)
1500: KSJX (San Jose, CA)
1510: KGA (Spokane, WA)
1510: KPIG (Piedmont, CA)
1520: KVTA (Port Hueneme, CA)
1530: KFBK (Sacramento, CA)
1540: KMPC (Los Angeles, CA)
1550: KYCY (San Francisco, CA)
1560: KNZR (Bakersfield, CA)
1580: KMIK (Tempe, AZ)
1590: KLIV (San Jose, CA)
1600: KUBA (Yuba City, CA)
1620: KSMH (Sacramento, CA)
1640: KDIA (Vallejo, CA)
1670: KNRO (Redding, CA)
1680: KGED (Fresno, CA) (New)
1690: KFSG (Roseville, CA)
1700: XEPE (Tecate, Baja California, Mexico)