28 August 2010

redsun rp2100 coming to grundig

It looks like the popular Redsun RP2100 radio will be rebranded as the Grundig S450DLX. The radio will come with a price tag around US$100, and feature a slightly redesigned user interface compared to the RP2100. Eton Corporation, owners of the rights to the Grundig name in North America, become the fourth company to sell this product, following Redsun (the designer and manufacturer), Kaito (North American distributor of other radio brands including Degen and Tecsun), and C. Crane. Grundig's offering appears to continue supporting SSB only as an external add-on.

All four of the aforementioned distributors are (or were) offering radios based on the original RP2100 design, featuring a tuning knob but lacking a numeric keypad. The RP3000/RP3100 products from Redsun were expected to essentially be an RP2100 with a numeric keypad, but neither of these products have yet materialized.