26 November 2006

peculiar broadcast on 1690 khz

I tuned to 1690 khz with my Sony ICF SW7600GR. My target was a station in Colorado. After a couple commercials at the top of the hour, a new age-style song came on. And it kept coming for the next 15 minutes! It's a simple melody with a pan-flute type instrument, backed by a piano.

I looked up the possible stations for 1690 khz in the USA, and found these at the FCC site:

KDDZ: Arvada, Colorado
KFSG: Roseville, California
WMLB: Avondale Estates, Georgia
WPTX: Lexington park, Maryland
WVON: Berwyn, Illinois

I can't find a website for KFSG. If I could, I'd see if it had a live audio stream so I could compare it with the broadcast. But it's supposed to be a spanish station and the ads I heard were in english. KDDZ is Radio Disney, so that doesn't seem to be a candidate either.

Stations in Toronto, Montreal, and the Virgin Islands also use this frequency. Maybe this is a new station that has commercials ready but no actual content, or they're testing a transmitter. I'll keep monitoring this signal to see if I can solve the mystery.


Anonymous said...

If you check the Radio Disney page and search for a station in Colorado - you see they have a performance of the Nutcracker for Sunday night by the Belliston Ballet. Might this be it?

weatherall said...

Hmm, that is interesting. It definitely wasn't the nutcracker. But maybe it was supposed to be and there was a problem with the program feed, so what I heard was a fall-back. Thanks for looking into this; it didn't actually occur to me to check the Radio Disney site!