29 August 2013

taiwan ends north america broadcasts

Radio Taiwan International ended shortwave broadcasts to North America on July 1, 2013. RTI was a frequent reception of mine, almost if not entirely via North American relay stations. Most recently, RTI was using the WYFR transmitter in Okeechobee, Florida. That transmitter site also shut down on July 1.

I always enjoyed learning something about Taiwan from RTI broadcasts. Politics, tourism, culture, food, and music were regularly featured during their broadcasts, and I was often hearing details or viewpoints that I wasn't hearing anywhere else. The QSLs I received from RTI typically included several interesting items and colorful photos.

Here are a few articles featuring RTI from my archives:

Radio Taiwan International QSL (August 2006)
Shortwave reception (September 2011)
Mooncake (September 2005)

Since I began listening to shortwave radio, these transmitter sites have gone dark:

• Delano, California (Voice of America)
• Sackville, NB, Canada (Radio Canada International)
• Okeechobee, Florida (WYFR)
• Bonaire (Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

17 August 2013

radio havana cuba video

Here's a video about the formation and purpose of Radio Havana Cuba. It mentions the goal of opposing the news coverage of Voice of America and Radio Marti, shows some station equipment, includes interviews with some RHC personnel, and discusses some historic events such as the Bay of Pigs and Elián González.

Radio Havana Cuba (youtube, 7m)

If you listen to Radio Havana Cuba, how did you discover it? Scanning, frequency/schedule lists, word-of-mouth, or some other method?