12 November 2006

wbcq qsl

WBCQ wins the QSL race! Via postal mail, I sent two reception reports for 7415 khz and a self-addressed stamped envelope on 20 September 2006. I got my envelope back with a QSL card on 02 October 2006.

Here's the QSL card I received:

This is a notable achievement because the orientation of WBCQ's shortwave transmitter is not favorable for California. Within WBCQ's daily schedule, there's a small window of west coast reception available. Shortly after things get good, they go off the air.

Allan H. Weiner wrote the reception details on the card (which is a postcard). On the back, the card has a box at the top right corner that is labeled "SNALE MAIL STAMP" (sic), and this caption: "This is the official QSL post card of radio WBCQ - The Planet. Our studios and transmitters are located at Monticello, Maine USA."


jennifer said...

Just a note to you if you want to
listen to WBCQ's 7.415 transmitter,
you can now listen via internet
stream, it's simulcasting all pro-
gramming on that transmitter while
they're on the air, plays music rest of the time.
Go to www.wbcq.com and the link to
listen live is right there.
Hope that helps you on the west coast.
Jennifer kb1gxk

weatherall said...

Thanks for pointing that out. In general I'd rather hear something else on shortwave than hear a specific station's online stream, but it's good to know there's a 7415 stream!

jennifer said...

I'm that way too. Gotta keep
Stream is good if you're trying
to hear a specific show.
Good Luck. j