27 October 2010

bay area dxing opportunity on 740 khz tonight

San Francisco's KCBS has announced that they will not be broadcasting on AM 740 KHz from 12:10am to 3am on Thursday, October 28. This is a scheduled outage for transmitter work. KCBS will continue broadcasting on FM 106.9 MHz during this time.

If I had the opportunity to stay up late tonight, I would love to see what I can pull in on 740 kHz, and on the two adjacent channels that are often jammed by that ridiculous HD radio stuff.

If you're in the area and can take advantage of this, please share your findings!

19 October 2010

eton corporation wikipedia page tampered

Approximately three years ago, Eton Corporation's Wikipedia page was edited several times by a user named Sohrabah, and all of those edits were reverted. Reasons cited for the reverts include spam, COI (confict of interest), and violating NPOV (neutral point of view). Sohrabah submitted five edits to the page during July 16 and 17, 2007.

The comment included with one of Sohrabah's submissions is "Eton Corporation is redoing this site to make sure they are reflected fully and accurately to wikipedia audiences". That's not how Wikipedia works. But it appears that no damage has been done, and the pre-existing, factual content has won out.

03 October 2010

animal rescue foundation radio commercial

KCBS has been airing a refreshingly amusing commercial for ARF, the Animal Rescue Foundation. It's available on the multimedia page of their website, with the title "At the park":

• Animal Rescue Foundation - multimedia