21 July 2015

2015 mlb all-star game on fm

I had the opportunity to listen to the 2015 MLB all-star game on the radio. I retrieved my Tecsun BCL-2000 from its storage drawer, and plugged it in though a voltage converter. Listening began at about 3:30pm PDT, which was about 30 minutes before game coverage. The station is KGMZ, FM 95.7 MHz "The Game", an ESPN Radio affiliate in San Francisco.
Since my radio has Chinese labeling, I went to Eton's website to review the user manual, and searched Google Images to see the corresponding English labels for the front panel controls.

Radio settings:
  • Bass: 6
  • Treble: 1.5
  • RF Gain: 6 (has no effect 0-10)
  • Volume: 1.5 (plenty loud from across my living room)
  • FM AFC: on (never needed this before)
  • Telescopic antenna: raised but not extended
  • Signal strength: full
Even with the treble level quite low, the broadcast has a lot of harsh treble. The audio path in this radio uses cheap components; Kiwa offers an audio upgrade which claims to improve sibilance and dynamics. I tend to listen to a lot of AM broadcast band stations with a narrow filter that doesn't have much treble to begin with. But I'm definitely not happy with the audio quality from this radio; I chose it for this particular broadcast because it's loud.

The connection between the plug and the voltage transformer proved to be loose; attempting to adjust it caused the radio to lose power. (Batteries aren't installed.)

Select program contents (quotes may be paraphrased and are included only for context and identification):
  • (ad) stupid in-broadcast advertisement for a popular ridesharing company involving a recording of Donovan McNabb pulled over for DUI two blocks from home, claiming to be sick and on cough medication
  • Buffalo Bills coach Aaron Kromer charged with assault
  • "I believe we will lead you into the all-star game" (why aren't you sure?)
  • "Coverage starts today at 4" (PDT) "95.7 the game"
  • "I am wearing your headphones right now. If you're missing headphones, they're here in the studio."
  • "The midsummer classic. Don't you go anywhere!"
  • Interviewing a book author about the Oakland Athletics. "The Giants might be interested in Ben Zobrist"
  • "How frustrating is it to know... that this team is better than the record reflects?" "I am just an objective listener!"
  • "Coming up next, it's the fall classic." Nope, that's the World Series, pal
  • "86th Major League Baseball all-star game... tonight another sellout... Welcome back to Cincinnati"
  • "the winner determines home-field advantage for the World Series"
  • "Batting practice continues in this hitter-friendly park"
  • "Major League Baseball got a huge break with the weather"
  • "Greatest home run derby ever"
  • "Who will be tonight's MVP?"
  • (ad) "20% off everything for home or business to save water"
  • (ad) "The whereabouts of cousin Jimmy are still unknown."
  • (ad) "Let me put more icing on that cake!"
  • Summary of the first half of the 2015 MLB season
  • (ad) "Why wait until the end of the season to get paid?"
  • (ad) "Tractors" (does this FM station really reach rural areas?)
  • "Baseball Tonight continues from Cincinnati"
  • Ned Yost pre-game interview
  • "Now, another first half story line..."
  • "Pete Rose... should he be in the Hall of Fame?"
  • "Our great city of Cincinnati, Ohio"
  • Huge ovations for Franchise Four: Johnny Bench, Barry Larkin, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose
  • Bruce Bochy pre-game interview
  • "I can't believe [the Yankees] are playing this well"
  • (after player introductions) "Everyone, all 42,000 on their feet"
  • Four greatest living players: Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, Sandy Koufax, Willie Mays
  • (ad) "Turn down that radio!"
  • "When he catches, he wears women's perfume!"