28 September 2015

shortwave scanning, 18 sep 2015

2057- 2159 UTC (1:57-2:59 PM local time PDT / UTC-7), San Francisco, CA, USA.

Frequencies in kHz. I used my Eton E5 receiver, with battery power, indoors, and a ceiling-mounted random wire antenna. Broadcasting schedules and frequencies from http://short-wave.info . As this happened during daytime, I focused on frequencies in the range 9400-18000 kHz (covering the 31m, 25m, 22m, 19m, and 16m broadcast bands).


9475: WTWW (Lebanon, TN, USA)
10000: WWV (Fort Collins, CO, USA) -- faint
12105: WTWW (Lebanon, TN, USA) -- faint, French
13845: WWCR (Nashville, TN, USA)
15000: WWV (Fort Collins, CO, USA)
15190: RMI Radio Africa (Okeechobee, FL, USA)
15580: Voice of America (Selebi-Phikwe, Botswana) -- weak, fading
15610: WEWN/EWTN (Vandiver, AL, USA)
17540: NHK World Radio Japan (Cypress Creek, SC, USA) -- strong, Portuguese
17730: Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) -- strong, Spanish
17840: Radio Australia (Shepparton, VIC, Australia) -- strong and clear

NCDXF / IARU beacons 

This monitoring took place 2210-2250 UTC. The W6WX beacon is about 45 miles from me and remains my only reception of the 18 beacons in this group. 4U1UN on 18110 might've made an appearance but that's unconfirmed for now.

14100: W6WX + all four dashes (Los Gatos, CA, USA)
18110: W6WX + all four dashes (Los Gatos, CA, USA)
21150: W6WX + all four dashes (Los Gatos, CA, USA)
24930: W6WX + all four dashes (Los Gatos, CA, USA)
28200: W6WX + all four dashes (Los Gatos, CA, USA)

NCDXF/IARU Beacon transmission schedule


Only a few of the broadcasts were really listenable at an enjoyable level; mostly I sought to identify the broadcasting language and the signal quality. Radio Australia reached me with a transmission distance of 7790 mi / 12540 km. The best catch was Voice of America on 15580 kHz from Botswana, with a transmission distance of 10,356 mi / 16,666 km. I'm often able to pick up WWVH in Hawaii, but was unable during this session.

I was glad to take advantage of my ceiling-mounted random wire antenna, which has been dormant in the past few years. It's 16 feet long, reel style from one of my radio purchases, and runs diagonally across my living room ceiling.

14 September 2015

shortwave scanning, 01 sep 2015

01 Sep 2015, 0900 - 0940 UTC

3330 kHz: CHU (English/French)
4840 kHz: WWCR
5000 kHz: WWV, faint WWVH
5025 kHz: Radio Rebelde
5830 kHz: WTWW
5890 kHz: WWCR / Overcomer
5935 kHz: WWCR / University Network
6090 kHz: Caribbean Beacon / University Network
6195 kHz: NHK (Portuguese)
7570 kHz: RMI / Overcomer
7850 kHz: faint CHU (English/French)
9580 kHz: Radio Australia
9655 kHz: KNLS (Chinese) -- new broadcaster log
9700 kHz: Radio New Zealand International
10000 kHz: faint WWVH
11565 kHz: WHRI
11815 kHz: NHK (Japanese)

Receiver: Eton E5, manual scanning and frequency entry, battery power, no external antenna, indoors. Shortwave broadcast schedules and frequencies from short-wave.info.