09 December 2006

distant am radio targets

I'm becoming more confident in my ability to estimate the distance of a mediumwave station when I hear it. The BCL-2000 will recite a distant signal at a lower volume, which makes the task easy, but the E5 compensates with some gain control. Some local broadcasts have weak signals; they can be identified by their clarity, steady volume, lack of directionality, context clues, and other factors.

My Eton E5 has taken over the mediumwave DX duties in recent days. When I take my east coast trip, I'll take the E5 with me for nighttime mediumwave DX. I'll focus on identifying distant signals rather than trying to comprehensively log every available station. I'm trying to figure out a protective travel case for the E5; any suggestions?

Here in California, I'm still seeking signals from Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and Texas. The distant north/south signals I'm picking up along the west coast suggest that plenty of long-range reception is possible. I haven't logged any stations at the same distance that Alaska and Hawaii are from me, but there's really nothing but water between us.

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