09 December 2006

radio mirchi is hot

I was searching on Orkut for communities related to radio. A surprising number of the communities referred to India's Radio Mirchi, so I searched again for radio mirchi. There are currently 48 Orkut communities that match this search.

To learn about this radio brand, check out Radio Mirchi on Wikipedia.

If anyone can point me to an online stream or any recordings of Radio Mirchi, I'd like to check it out.


Anonymous said...

I don't use Bit Torrent so I don't know if this link is still good or not, but here's a message board with some guy linking to a live stream of Mirchi through torrent:

Other than that, I couldn't find anything live streams. Maybe Shoutcast and Winamp is a possibility.

Anonymous said...

Well, that link didn't work did it?

weatherall said...

Thanks for trying. :D I actually don't use Bit Torrent either.

Here's a useful weblog post that talks about English/Hindi radio streams: