02 December 2006

us air force interfering with garage doors

The U.S. Air Force is using a particular radio frequency to communicate with first-responders in an effort to coordinate homeland security. But when the signal started beaming down from Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, it had a side-effect. "An estimated 50 million garage door openers use the frequency, although technically the Air Force has the right to it."

So the Air Force has the right to use the radio frequency that your garage door opener might use. Throw in a side of eminent domain, and you may just find a bomber parked in your two-car when you get home!

Full story:
Top-secret facility's signal disrupting garage doors

I'm not sure of which frequencies the Air Force is using, but the garage door opener wikipedia article says that many remotes for garage doors operate in the 300 - 400 mhz range.

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