14 March 2006

new eton products

Eton Corporation's website was updated today with some new and familiar products.

In the "Design" section, four new products are shown as coming soon: Sound 100 (AM/FM), Sound 101 (AM/FM/SW/Sirius-ready), Sound 110 (AM/FM/SW), and Sound 111 (AM/FM/SW/XM-ready).

In the "Innovation" section, the Eton E5 is now listed. Also listed is an E1 without satellite radio integration, for the same price as the E1XM.

In the "Necessity" section of the site, four radios co-branded with the American Red Cross are shown: FR250, FR300, FR350, and FR400.

Thanks to Radiointel and Radios4you for providing photos from the CES 2006 tradeshow, showing some of the new Eton products. I'd like to know more about that radio with the gear tuning.


JB said...

Kinda like the "Sound" series, except for the speaker grille

weatherall said...

Yeah, they really went nuts with the speaker design from the old G2000.

JB said...

BTW, great blog!
Stumbled across it a couple days ago and have since booked marked it.

Sound like you've got the same radio bug that most of us suffer from LOL.

Thanks to eBay, FedEx just dropped off a Grundig Satellit 500. Can't wait to get it home and see how it compares to my other radios.

If you get a chance to pick up a SONY 2010 for a good price, jump on it. It's a great radio if a little large (like my new, old Satillit 500). When I travel I take a Sangean ATS606 with me. It's almost as good as the 2010 but without the sync.

Back to work.

weatherall said...

Thanks JB! Yeah, I was aware of the radio bug before buying my first one: shortwave radio reviewers often mention the several other radios they have. And somehow I thought I would be immune.

Yeah, the 2010 sounds very cool. Although I probably won't get one. I'm more interested in newer technology. I've started thinking about getting an E1.