15 March 2006

8430 khz bleepy recording

My goodness! There were at least three different signals received on 8430 khz ssb on 13 Mar 2006 after 0800 UTC. Maybe they were actually on adjacent frequencies and the bandwidth was wide enough to catch them all. Loop this mp3 for a really hypnotic effect. It was recorded from my Eton E5.

8430_khz_13mar2006_0808utc.mp3 - 7 min, 1.7mb


RadioIntel.com Annex said...

The CW ID is NMC
The background weaker CW ID is NMO


Chuck said...

I think these stations are marine signals, but can't remember just what their purpose is...


weatherall said...

Coast Guard facilities perhaps?


shortwavemusic said...

It's beautiful. Thank you.