28 March 2006

goodbye united kingdom

The BBC has zapped their 5975 khz transmission to Latin America between 0000-0100 UTC and 0200-0400 UTC. That frequency was the best way for me to receive BBC via shortwave. So that's over. Here's their new pathetic shortwave schedule.


chuck said...

I think we should boycott the BBC's webcast, and we should let them know we're doing it. It's ridiculous for the WORLD SERVICE not to have SW broadcasts to North America.


weatherall said...

I'm perfectly happy to boycott their webcast. But I don't want to make the effort to let them know; I never really valued the BBC content when I was able to receive it.

Anonymous said...

This is messed up. WTF BBC?

Madridkid said...

I agree. But here in Europe we can still hear them with great programming on 15485 kHz from 1000UTC onward while I am getting ready for work. Might be too early for you guys. I just keep my fingers crossed that it lasts. Cheers,


weatherall said...
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weatherall said...

Ahhh, I think you're more the target market for BBC shortwave broadcasting. 1000 UTC for me is 2am (or 3am during daylight saving time, like now). I'm either asleep, getting into bed, or at a great party at that time of night. :)