11 March 2006

eton discontinues grundig s350

(This is a follow-up to an article from two days ago: eton s350dl for us$100.)

From passband.com, we learn that Eton has discontinued the Grundig S350.

The S350DL price drop to US$100 (after removing the headphones) gave it the same price as the S350. So this move makes sense. Look for clearance bargains for both the S350 and S350DL-with-headphones.

This is all odd to me as I just purchased a Tecsun BCL-2000 (OEM version of the Grundig S350) via eBay. After reading descriptions of the tuner lock feature in the BCL-3000 / S350DL, I decided that I didn't want it. I would want it if I could engage/disengage the tuner lock manually.

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Anonymous said...

Well over the last few years I've read plus/minus's and never got one. Some reviews like "Herculodge" in the above review like the radio, and he tries everything. If I decided to try one it would probably be the BCL2000 black/improved version. At minimun I would hope the sound is good and it just isn't a radio with a pretty exterior.