01 February 2006

new eton product pages at universal radio

Universal Radio has added product pages, including general features and prices, for upcoming Eton radios:

* Eton E5. "This new model is expected February 15, 2006."

* Eton FR350. "This new model is expected March 31, 2006."

A page is also still accessible, although not linked, for the Eton p7132 (now called the p7136, I believe).


Anonymous said...

The Eton E5 looks like good competition for the Kaito 02/1103 as it looks like an amalgam of the two.
All small protables should have knob,up-down,keypad entry,and scan tuning,and this radio recognizes that. It also has a superior volume control to the 1103.
However the price is more than double the 1103 and though it's better to look at and easier to use, is that enough to overcome lower pricing on a radio as highly rated as the Degen/Katio 03? Unless you can get the E5 somewhere for under $100,I doubt it.

weatherall said...

Radiointel.com posted this link earlier, for passband's first look at the Eton E5:


I agree that the price is very high, considering that it falls short compared to a receiver like the SW7600GR which has synchronous detect. Eton doesn't seem to be after volume sales with this radio.