29 January 2006

shortwave summary: jan 2006 (part 2)

Here's the second part of my shortwave reception reports for Jan 2006. You can read the first part if you haven't already.

* 19 Jan 2006: 0615 UTC: 6035 khz (VOA English to Africa): Okay, I didn't write anything down about this broadcast because I was eating pizza, and interference made listening difficult. Usually, this is a good source of African news. SIO 422.

* 19 Jan 2006: 0630 UTC: 6080 khz (VOA English to Africa): The inauguration process in Liberia is over, and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is immediately getting to work. SIO 422.

* 20 Jan 2006: 0705 UTC: 5950 khz (Radio Taiwan International): Ballistic missiles in China threaten Taiwan. Taiwan seeks to purchase US$10 billion in arms for defense; budget process is held up. "Growing threat from China." 784 Chinese missiles aimed at Taiwan. China is isolating Taiwan in the international community. Taiwan's defense ministry released satellite photos of Chinese military bases in efforts to win support for arms purchases.

Ang Lee won Best Director at the 2005 Golden Globe Awards. Often the Golden Globe Awards are a good indicator of the results at the Academy Awards. Lee was worried about the initial reaction to Brokeback Mountain in the United States.

The weather for Friday, 20 Jan 2006 in Taipei: cloudy with some rain; with temperatures in the range of 16-19C (60-66F).

* 21 Jan 2006: 0520 UTC: 6000 khz (Radio Havana Cuba): Iran has 40 underground facilities involved in its nuclear program. This was discussed as part of the story that Israeli pilots trained for attack on Iran.

Several investigations are considering the CIA's rendition practices. It's likely that there were more than the 2 confirmed flights for transporting terror suspects. More on this story in the article, Leaked British memo renews debate on CIA flights. SIO 434.

* 21 Jan 2006: 0700 UTC: 5950 khz (Radio Taiwan Intl): Taiwan's largest airline has a new flight to Shanghai for the lunar new year celebration. "Direct flights between the two countries have been banned since 1949. Normally, flights between the two countries have to go through a third point -- usually Hong Kong or Macau." On Friday, stocks on the Taiwan Stock Exchange opened higher but closed lower. SIO 434.

* 21 Jan 2006: 1924 UTC: 17725 khz (Radio Netherlands): There's increasing instability in Kosovo following the death of president Ibrahim Rugova. Independence talks with Serbia are postponed. The EU calls for "unity and calm."

Demonstrators protesting King Gyanendra, and calling for election boycotts, have been arrested in Nepal. Mobile phone calls are being blocked. Read more: Violence breaks out during demonstrations in Kathmandu.

Heavy snow in Norway knocked out power for tens of thousands. Here's an article from the Norway Post: Major power outages in southern Norway.

The drinking age in Holland could be raised from 16 to 18 to curb youth alcohol abuse. 16-year-olds are allowed to drink beer and drinks with an alcohol content of 15% or less. During an interview for this story, a girl in a bar said she drinks "six shots on average. Sometimes that would be the goal." SIO 545.

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