06 February 2006

wbcq monitoring

A reader recently asked me about WBCQ shortwave reception here in northern California. Sadly, I've monitored their frequencies the past few nights without success. During 0400-0700UTC, I checked 5110 / 7415 / 9330 khz and heard only static. Tonight, I have relatively clear skies (low atmospheric moisture) and the Kp index in the 1-3 range, but still nothing. I even switched on my DE31 active loop antenna to try to catch it.

I emailed the station with a description of my listening situation. They haven't replied yet, but I am hoping they can tell me if they have received reception reports from California listeners recently. That would be a good indicator of whether their broadcasts are reaching my area these days.

I would like to hear a number of WBCQ's shows, and I appreciate their free speech approach to broadcasting. If any of you are WBCQ listeners, I'd be interested in your comments!

Edit: I wrote a post in WBCQ's Reception Reports forum about this issue.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

You might want to keep trying for WBCQ into the spring; lately reception has been poor here too (Missouri). Normally they boom in here during the evening hours. Things should improve...