11 February 2006

my sw7600gr (photo)

Earlier today I took a few photos of my shortwave listening setup in my apartment. Here's a photo of my Sony ICF SW7600GR:

It is tuned to 11970 khz (China Radio Intl) at approximately 2330UTC.


Origami Yoda said...

Nice. What could I buy that would be comperable? Should I wait for your Eton review?

weatherall said...

Have you visited RadioIntel.com? They have a huge number of reviews for portable receivers. If you want to know more about some of the current favorites, head over there and check their reviews page.

The informal consensus of the shortwave listening community seems to favor these four portable receivers:

* Sony ICF SW7600GR
* Sangean ATS-909
* Grundig YB400PE (repackaged as the G4000A)
* Kaito KA1103

Here is a RadioIntel review that compares the SW7600GR, ATS-909, and YB400PE.