14 January 2006

shortwave radio commercials

I heard commercials on shortwave radio for the first time during my trip in December. This was new to me so I jotted down these receptions. Both receptions were from WHRI originating in South Carolina, USA.

21 Dec 2005 1523 UTC: 11785 khz (WHRI): Coin collecting price book, "Martial Law" documentary, Cancer screening (www.lasemedinc.com). This was during a show called The Power Hour.

22 Dec 2005 0317 UTC: 5860 khz (WHRI): "Warning warning warning!" Advertising a Grundig S350 radio for $107 shipped. "Buy a shortwave radio before it's too late!" (Too late?) Phone number in the 308 area code (located in Nebraska). This radio show signed off with, "If you don't have any bugs on your windshield, you're not going anywhere!"


Madridkid said...

Try listening to the commercials on the Voice of Guyana if you can receive it. Reception conditions aren´t often up to par in North America. I remember the commercials on the old Radio Springbok from South Africa...everything from cigarettes to furniture polish in both English and Afrikaans! Keep up the interesting tidbits on your blog.

weatherall said...

Thanks for the comments! It would be fun to hear commercials targeted to other locales. I don't believe I've ever picked up Voice of Guyana, but I should try that.