11 October 2008

magic johnson mocked by fm radio hosts

Two talk radio hosts on KTLK-FM suggested that Magic Johnson has faked AIDS. Hosts Chris Baker and Langdon Perry agreed with each other that Magic Johnson was pretending to have AIDS. Perry's logic was "'cause he's the only cured AIDS guy ever."

* Read the Media Matters article; listen to the audio recording
* Read the Associated Press article with KTLK-FM expressing regret

I would expect that if KTLK-FM were truly sorry, scanning their homepage for the word "Magic" would produce something. As of this moment, it doesn't.

The claim that Magic Johnson could be faking AIDS simply because he has been infected since 1991 shows a clear lack of knowledge on the subject of AIDS treatment. Off the top of my head, I can think of more deaths than survivals among those that are or were known to have AIDS, but long-term survival is clearly possible. It doesn't take one famous person's survival to prove that.

Some people criticize Magic Johnson for retreating from the AIDS prevention movement:

* Read the ESPN article

And to diverge slightly, I'm not familiar with the Chris Baker show. I welcome comments from those who have heard it, and from those who have listened to KTLK-FM.

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