18 September 2008

radio netherlands ditches north america

From the RedOrbit article:
Radio Netherlands now feels that the number of alternatives for listeners in North America is such that we have decided to end our shortwave broadcasts to the region. This will take effect from the start of our winter season on 26 October 2008.

Radio Netherlands to end shortwave broadcasts to North America


Ian said...

Radio Singapore quit shortwave broadcasting also in the last year or so. The only good thing about the current situation is that here in Australia we have more medium wave and FM stations doing rebroadcasts of BBC, National Public Radio, Deustche Welle etc

Anonymous said...

and id rather be stabbed with a small stick than have to listen to NPR.

luckily its opening up the airwaves

its too bad the MW band doesnt shut down. talk about needless waste of electricity.

carmen said...

CBC apparently is still carrying RNW programming at night, on 540 at least

Saw it mentioned on HCDX..