25 October 2008

mailbag comment about kchibo

The short-lived Kchibo KK-S500 doesn't seem to be around anymore, including eBay and the Kchibo site.
I always thought it was over-priced with no SSB, although it had sync-detect. They were also supposedly coming out with their version of the Sony 7600 with a remote, but it's never appeared.

This comment was posted by an anonymous reader in March 2008. I just searched eBay and could not find the S500. I also could not find a model resembling the famed Sony ICF SW 7600. However, one eBay seller is offering the KK-9510, which is an analog-tuned, dual-conversion receiver that includes sync detection.

Kchibo's english website looks out of date, but their Chinese website is scrolling images and details of a few portable radios with DSP in the description.

One of the radios I own is a Kchibo KK-1215. It vaguely resembles the well-known Tecsun R-911 (also sold as the Kaito WRX911), except it adds a couple FM bands that include TV audio signals. It is well built, but the built-in speaker sounds really cheap.

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