12 January 2008

shortwave web news

I'd like to first highlight the relatively-new Radio Kitchen Blog. Radio Kitchen is operated by The Professor from WFMU, and is a dedicated site for his radio interests that rose out of his "Adventures in Amplitude Modulation" series on the WFMU weblog. Radio Kitchen hosts band scan recordings along with context-rich commentary and images.

Second, as a recent reader comment reminded me, RadioIntel changed its website layout and is no longer designed around news articles and periodic updates. RadioIntel is a tremendous resource for me, and browsing that site put the idea into my head about publishing my own shortwave radio content. Ulis, the site's owner, gave me some great tips for close-up photography of radios using macro mode. I have accepted the fact that I can't offer anything approaching the quantity and quality of radio receiver reviews that RadioIntel publishes. If you somehow haven't visited that site yet, please do so and let them know what you think.

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