06 January 2008

harry shearer prefers an ats-909

Harry Shearer, known for his contributions to the movie "Spinal Tap" and a number of voices on "The Simpsons", is a shortwave radio enthusiast:

* Harry Shearer: Comic Relief via Shortwave

Regarding his Sangean ATS-909 receiver, Harry says
This has all the buttons I need and not much else. There is one that says ‘Page,’ and I’ve never pressed that. I don’t know what would happen.
Mr. Shearer's radio show, "Le Show", is part satire, part radio drama, and is broadcast on shortwave by WBCQ.

Harry, I am continually delighted by your work! (I wonder if he has a super 909...)


Damon Cassell said...

It was nice to see shortwave get some attention in the mainstream press. It is (sadly) rarely mentioned these days.

Anonymous said...

If Harry doesn't know what "pages" are I guess he doesn't have many presets.
Letterman used to mention SW occasionally: but nothing recently.

Anonymous said...


Firestarter5 said...

His 909 is an excellent choice. I'd never give mine up. It goes nicely with my E5 and ICF-SW7600GR.