14 January 2008

new grundig radios for 2008

The Eton website lists new Grundig radios that are expected in the next couple of months:

* Grundig G4 World Recorder

This radio has an interface that resembles the Kaito 1102. It is an AM, FM, and Shortwave receiver with MP3 recording and playback. MP3 storage will use an SD card that can be up to 2gb in size. Eton's website lists February 2008 as the launch date, and the list price is US$200.

* Grundig G6 Aviator

This radio provides AM, FM, VHF, and Shortwave reception with SSB. Eton's website lists February 2008 as the launch date, and the list price is US$100.

* Grundig Satellit 750

This radio appears to be smaller than, but taking many design cues from, the well-known Satellit 700 radio. The Satellit 750 will receive AM, FM, LW, SW with SSB, and VHF. Eton's website lists March 2008 as the launch date, with a US$300 list price.

Interestingly, the only shortwave products still listed in the Eton product line section are the wind-up radios and the E1XM. Other radios, such as the E1, E5, E10, and E100, are now listed in a section titled "Past Collection".


Firestarter5 said...

Uh oh! Now you've done it. The 750 sure does look tempting. I can see myself in the future parting with some more cash. Damn you!

Anonymous said...

Interesting looking Etons but I'm a bit skeptical about the market for them.
Personally I'm waiting to see reviews of the new Redsun that apparently is now including SSB. This would likely be priced at about half the Grundig 70.

weatherall said...

Glad I could make a difference! *g*

You're right to be skeptical. Surely Eton/Grundig have taken notice of the new Redsun products, especially as the RP2100 seems to aim squarely at the S350DL. The Satellit 750 could be an acknowledgement that Satellit 700 users didn't find the Eton E1 to be a compelling product ... not because of its technical specs but because of its styling. The Satellit 750 is a much more classic-looking product, and for that, Eton/Grundig are smart to keep the Satellit label going.

Anonymous said...

The G6 and the 750 are very interesting, and will take a closer look when available on the various used-gear sites. Don't like to purchase NEW gear from China (Tibet, spy "tech-theft", etc) and generate profit to their manufacturers...will be patient as in the 1103 for appearance on various used-gear sites...sunrider