17 February 2007

firedrake jammer logs, 17 feb 2007

I did a quick scan on my Eton E5 this morning (starting at 1800 UTC) and found the Firedrake jammer on a few frequencies:

* 7535 khz, moderately strong
* 9355 khz, moderately strong
* 11790 khz, weak
* 11945 khz, very strong

7535 khz and 9355 khz are frequencies for Radio Free Asia in Mandarin. I'm not sure what's being jammed on 11790 khz. 11945 khz is used by the BBC World Service. [Edit: MarkV-NL on #swl pointed out that 11790 khz is also a Radio Free Asia frequency.]

If you're unfamiliar with the Firedrake jammer, one of my older posts includes links to short recordings and more explanation.

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LinuxSense said...

I have read quite a bit about this jamming. Comes from a small island off the coast of China and really pisses off the HAM's since "Sound of Hope" broadcasts on the HAM bands (as illegal as jamming?) so the jammer jams those bands too. I read a letter from "Sound of Hope" and they said they will not stop broadcasting on the HAM bands even though the jammer would quit jamming those bands if they stopped. I am sure this is not news to anyone...I just thought it was crazy that "Sound of Hope" issued a statement saying they really were not concerned if the HAM bands were being targeted due to their actions.