24 February 2007

anonymous tip about redsun rp3000 / rp3100

In case you missed it, I thought I'd forward this comment from an anonymous reader a few weeks ago:
Redsun may introduce two new radios, the RP3000 and the RP3100. Differences: RP3100 FM will go from 76 - 108 MHz, in the RP3000 FM will go from 87 - 108 MHz. RP3100 will not have the air band, RP3000 will have it. There will be other differences too ...

I've been checking eBay every few days for new Redsun radios, but nothing has appeared yet...


Anonymous said...

i think my dx-440 may have finally bit the dust. the RAM chips are screwed or something - soemtimes it takes about 10 tries to turn it on.

so im interested for sure. ..

but im wondering. how many broadcasters are going DRM? is this thing just going to pick up a bunch of modem-static and require a digital replacement in a year?

Anonymous said...

We are these techs going to include a bfo so you can receive SSB? I wouldn't be the Rd/Kaito KA2100 without that capability.

Anonymous said...

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