26 January 2007

recent qsl failures

I have seen recent comments about QSLs, which reminded me to check the progress of reception reports that I recently sent to shortwave broadcasters. I have some new mailings that I hope to photograph and share with you soon. However, there are also some overdue QSLs:

* All India Radio: reception report submitted via a webform on 21 October 2006 (not very long ago; I'm still hopeful)

* Caribbean Beacon: reception report sent to Anguilla via postal mail on 04 September 2006 (I guess the dollar I sent for postage was taken as a donation by the estate of Dr. Gene Scott)

* Radio Thailand: three reception reports emailed to HSK9 on 30 September 2006 (who knows what's going on in Thailand?)

* Voice of America: I emailed them a reception report on 07 October 2006 along with a request for a 2007 calendar. I got a QSL before the end of the year, but they noted that calendars were not yet available. How about now? Doesn't anyone care about January anymore?!


Anonymous said...

Redsun may introduce two new radios, the RP3000 and the RP3100.

Differences: RP3100 FM will go from 76 - 108 MHz, in the RP3000 FM will go from 87 - 108 MHz.

RP3100 will not have the air band, RP3000 will have it.

There will be other differences too ...

(I'm the same guy who provided the link to the RP3000 release date story).


LinuxSense said...

I got my first QSL card in the mail today. I put up scans of it over at my blog:


Nice quality card...pretty cool.