07 January 2007

jr.com and amazon connection

I noticed today that JR.com might not list products on Amazon anymore. In the past, sometimes J&R was the retailer with the lowest price on Amazon for some shortwave radios. But J&R is not currently listed as a retailer for either the Eton E1 or the Sony ICF SW7600GR, even though their own website lists both of those radios in stock. I emailed J&R to get the details. If you use Amazon to check shortwave radio prices, you may now have to visit J&R separately to check their prices.


Anonymous said...

At least JR will ship a radio to Canada unlike Amazon who won't. Wrap your head around that one! They'll ship a radio to the UAE or Saudi Arabia, but Canada? Sorry. No can do!

weatherall said...

Hah, that's ridiculous!