01 January 2007

qsl tip: a u.s. dollar for return postage?

Here's an informative post from Bjarne Mjelde to answer a question regarding QSL requests:

Should I send a 1 USD bill to Canadian stations for return postage?

I included a dollar for return postage with my reception report to the Caribbean Beacon. It was sent on September 4, 2006, and I have not received a reply.


Anonymous said...

I suppose it would depend on the exchange rate and postage of the destination country. That's why IRCs were created.

But with an IRC you get the lowest postal rate - so it could take 9 months to get back to you from a foreign country. That is when they finally send you your QSL. It's hard to know if a station (let alone a beacon) will get back to you, even if they have enough postage.

weatherall said...

I have heard that the Caribbean Beacon responds to QSL requests. I regret not obtaining an IRC to include with my reception report, but I sent my letter around the beginning of September 2006. That's the same time that new IRCs were issued, and I failed to get one after visiting 3 post offices. IRCs are also not sold via usps.com, which would sure be convenient!

Caribbean Beacon is a transmitter for the University Network, which broadcasts Dr. Gene Scott. If you're not sure who that is, you can search this weblog for "Gene Scott".