21 September 2006

shortwave summary, sep 2006 (part 3)

september 2006 reception reports: (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

This report covers two shortwave scanning sessions that I did with a lot of slow turning of my Eton E5's tuning knob. I had the DE31 active loop antenna connected, which helped amplify lots of weak signals. I identified the stations primarily with primetimeshortwave.com and hfradio.org as I didn't listen long enough to collect identifications.

Next time I scan, I will try to write more interesting logs!

On 09 Sep 2006, during 0109-0215 UTC, I scanned from 5000 khz to 9400 khz.

* 0109 UTC, 5050 khz (WWRB - Manchester, Tennessee, USA): Commercials about protecting investments, and satellite radio with no subscription fees. Talk radio.
* 0116 UTC, 5755 khz (KAIJ - Frisco, Texas, USA): Strong signal there.
* 0118 UTC, 5765 khz (WWCR - Nashville, Tennessee, USA): Religious; talking about war. Heard the URL www.scripturesforamerica.com.
* 0126 UTC: 5810 khz (WEWN - part of EWTN, Alabama, USA): Good signal there also. No logs.
* 0128 UTC, 5850 khz (WHRA - Greenbush, Maine, USA): This is World Harvest Radio. Hmm, no logs for this one either.
* 0132 UTC, 5935 khz (WWCR2 - Nashville, Tennessee, USA): Excellent signal.
* 0134 UTC, 5965 khz (Something in Spanish): This one was in Spanish.
* 0136 UTC, 6010 khz (Radio Sweden): Oh yeah, these folks! I haven't heard them in a while.
* 0137 UTC, 6030 khz (Radio Marti): Moderate signal, strong interference from the Cuban "running water" jammer.
* 0139 UTC, 6065 khz (WYFR - Okeechobee, Florida, USA): This was a very weak signal.
* 0140 UTC, 6090 khz (University Network, Anguilla): Here's Dr. Gene Scott! Some interference.
* 0141 UTC, 6100 khz (Deutsche Welle - Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada): Good signal, in German.
* 0142 UTC, 6110 khz (Radio Televisione Italiana - Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean): Hey, that's a new one! In Italian. Moderately strong signal.
* 0144 UTC, 6175 khz (Voice of Vietnam - Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada): This is a guess, and I couldn't identify the language.
* 0149 UTC, 6890 khz (WWRB - Manchester, Tennessee, USA): Nothing logged.
* 0150 UTC, 7025 khz SSB: morse code. Very strong signal.
* 0151 UTC, 7125 khz (?): Unknown language.
* 0153 UTC, 7145 khz (?): Unknown language.
* 0154 UTC, 7205 khz (Radio Republica): In Spanish, jammed by Cuba's running water noise.
* 0155 UTC, 7335 khz (CHU - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada): Strong signal!
* 0156 UTC, 7365 khz (?): Unknown language.
* 0157 UTC, 7405 khz (Voice of America): Moderate signal.
* 0158 UTC, 7415 khz (WBCQ - Monticello, Maine, USA): "Christian media", talking aabout the Assyrian conquest, ancient Egypt, new Babylonian empire. Two hours each weekday (0100-0300 UTC). This broadcast is a recording from 04 January 2006.
* 0200 UTC, 7490 khz (LeSea broadcasting - Furman, South Carolina, USA): There's some noise and beeps over the signal. Is it ham activity? I don't know anything about LeSea yet.
* 0202 UTC, 7505 khz (KTBN - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA): A preacher/evangelist was in the process of getting his audience hyped up. "Show your teeth... even if they're not your teeth, just show 'em."
* 0204 UTC, 7540 khz (EWTN - Alabama): Moderate signal.
* 0205 UTC, 7555 khz (KJES - Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA): Weak; major fading.
* 0212 UTC, 9265 khz (WINB - Red Lion, Pennsylvania, USA): Is there a shortwave transmitter in Pennsylvania? That's news to me! Clear but totally faint signal.

On 15 Sep 2006, during 1906-2024 UTC, I scanned from 13000 khz to 20000 khz. In this case I didn't log the time that I picked up each frequency.

* 13580 khz SSB: Fast morse code; moderate signal.
* 13625 khz (Firedrake - China): Music. Strong fading, sounds like the so-called Chinese orchestra.
* 13710 khz (WHRA - Greenbush, Maine, USA): Very faint music.
* 13730 khz (Radio Canada International): Foreign language. I thought this was New Zealand, but then I recognized French, so it's probably Radio Canada International.
* 13780 khz (Deutsche Welle): Very faint.
* 13800 khz (WYFR - Okeechobee, Florida, USA): Religious show with call-ins.
* 13815 khz (KAIJ - Frisco, Texas, USA):
* 13845 khz (WWCR - Nashville, Tennessee, USA): Religious - the speaker said something about his microphone failing.
* 13970 khz (Firedrake - China): Music; very good signal. Chinese orchestra.
* 14030 khz SSB: moderately-paced morse code; excellent signal.
* 14195 khz SSB: Very faint ham reception.
* 14600 khz (Firedrake - China): Same music content as on 13970 and 13625 khz.
* 15000 khz: Excellent signal from WWV; moderate signal from WWVH.
* 15110 khz (Radio Exterior de Espana): Spanish broadcast, good signal.
* 15130 khz (WYFR - Okeechobee, Florida, USA): Spanish?
* 15220 khz (WEWN - Alabama, USA):
* 15235 khz (Radio Canada International - Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada): French; excellent signal.
* 15250 khz (WWRB - Manchester, Tennessee, USA):
* 15275 khz (Deutsche Welle): German.
* 15325 khz (Radio Canada International - Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada): French.
* 15445 khz (Voice of America - Greenville, North Carolina, USA): Discussing pretexting, and the board member spying at HP. "HP is based in Palo Alto, California." Great signal with a tiny bit of interference. Very careful speaking - is this Special English that I've heard so much about? Yes - this is the Special English economics report. Neat! Slow, precise speaking - very dull broadcast!
* 15510 khz (Firedrake - China): Chinese orchestra music again; moderate signal.
* 15565 khz (Deutsche Telekom): German.
* 15580 khz (Voice of America): Moderate signal.
* 15620 khz (Deutsche Welle): English to Africa. Singing. Female announcer has a deep, hollow voice. More music. Announcer has a very heavy accent. Staying on this signal, which is at the end of the hour, in hopes of hearing the identification. "Thanks for listening!" The broadcast stopped during music.
* 15665 khz (LeSea broadcasting - Furman, South Carolina, USA): "Politics and religion."
* 15695 khz (WYFR - Okeechobee, Florida, USA): Weak signal there.
* 15825 khz (WNQM - Nashville, Tennessee, USA): Excellent signal.
* 17705 khz (Voice of Greece - Delano, California, USA): Weird helicopter-like sound over the signal.
* 17795 khz (WYFR - Okeechobee, Florida, USA): Helicopter interference sound is here too.
* 17845 khz (WYFR - Okeechobee, Florida, USA): Moderate signal.
(The helicopter-sound interference is from 17679 to 17807 khz).
* 17830 khz (BBC - Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean): Moderate signal with strong interference. Talking about 9/11 and the Iraq war.
* 18100 khz SSB: Fast morse code.
* 18930 khz (WYFR - Okeechobee, Florida, USA): Are they really on this many frequencies?!
* 18980 khz (WYFR - Okeechobee, Florida, USA): Sheesh!

Any corrections or insights for my logs would be appreciated. Sorry that some of the receptions lack detail. I was surprised to find so many stations in the 41-meter band, which I typically avoid!

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