19 September 2006

radio sweden qsl

I emailed Radio Sweden twice this year with reception reports. In the first email on 26 February, I noted that I got poor reception of their broadcast on 7230 khz. My second email on 12 March 2006 had two reception reports of 6010 khz, on dates about a week apart.

I told them that their reporting on the Indian Ocean tsunami story was mostly old news, but that I enjoyed their Headset music program.

They sent me a QSL card and an old program schedule, but a few days after that, I got another envelope with the current schedule. Sorry, but I didn't keep track of when these items arrived. I really like the images!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great looking QSL card & schedules!

I really need to send in a reception report to them. I don't have a card from Radio Sweden.

Love the blog btw! Makes for very interesting radio reading!

weatherall said...

Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment! I love getting all of this scenery from faraway places. Sweden sent me a second QSL card which I will probably publish early next year. Send them a reception report along with your address!