05 September 2006

eton and porsche design

In recent weeks, I have seen an online retailer or two selling the Eton P7131 for between $200-300, while the list price is $349. The P7131 is not on Eton's website anymore.

What's the future of this radio? When it came out, it was heralded as the first product to combine AM, FM, shortwave, and satellite radio reception. The Eton E1 then came along and stole the trophy in that category. And although the blue screen on the P7131 cube radio is beautiful, the E1 is a whole lot more radio for not very much more money.

The Porsche Design products were announced on January 5, 2006, in a press release titled "Etón launches the new Porsche Design luxury radio line".

The Grundig G2000, another product designed by Porsche, is also gone from Eton's website. Has the Eton/Porsche relationship ended? Or have the Eton/Porsche products disappeared, only to reappear later like the E5 once did?

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