30 June 2006

shortwave summary: jun 2006 (part 2)

For these receptions, I used my Kaito 1102 and Redsun RF-1210 receivers. Seems like it is time to use my Eton E5 more often.

Received stations:

* Radio Havana Cuba
* Radio Thailand
* Radio Taiwan International
* KBS South Korea

* 14 Jun 2006, 0500 UTC, 6000 khz (Radio Havana Cuba): Cuban rights groups and the ACLU call for Guantanamo prison investigations due to suicides. Bush administration should stop trying to minimize the damage. Those who died participated in hunger strikes. The USA has reportedly violated "several international laws and treaties." ACLU called for the medical treatment of detainees. USA plans long-term force of 50k in Iraq. President Bush made a surprise visit to Baghdad on a day that he was instead planning to participate via a videoconference. Air Force One made a rapid, spiraling descent into Baghdad to avoid enemy fire. The trip was kept very secret; only Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld knew in advance. The USA wants to develop weapons for use in outer space to protect satellites, and sees no need for a treaty regarding space weapons.

The El Nuevo Herald published an article titled "US Interests section in Havana under siege". It claims that the section "could be forced to temporarily suspend its activities." The USA claims that the interests section's power has been repeatedly cut off. Cuba bemoans USA espionage and subversion, funding mercenaries, and perpetrating the blockade. The USA operates an electronic billboard in Havana to display messages like "Many decent Cuban women cannot live decently without doing something indecent." The USA interests section also claimed poor availability of potable water. Cuba claims that the power outages were actually widespread. The electronic billboard has offended and insulted Cubans since 16 January. 26k kilowatts are consumed monthly by the interests section facility. Services are reportedly restored quickly following any outages. The USA reportedly commits "illegal espionage against its own citizens." "Cuba fights openly." Cuba claims that the USA wants to eliminate food and agriculture sales to Cuba. "Cuba would not shed a single tear at its departure."

Syria supports Venezuela for a seat on the UN security council. Cuba hopes to develop a soccer team in time for the next World Cup. Arnie Coro (CO2KK)'s DXers Unlimited segment. Solar activity is at rock-bottom levels. He mentioned some atmospheric anomaly that I did not hear clearly. 820khz and 950khz are two AM stations in Havana. He described using those signals to measure antenna strength and noise levels when restoring an old receiver. RHC is using a new antenna for 11760 khz as mentioned in a previous article.

* 16 Jun 2006, 0200 UTC, 5890 khz (Radio Thailand): Diesel prices were increased by all companies except PTT. Thailand is helping to improve the quality of World Health Organization laboratories. The government is increasing spending to promote Thailand tourism. Burglaries at a new airport resulted in new security measures. (This broadcast was interrupted by about 10 seconds of static.) An upcoming exhibition will showcase new fishing technologies and demonstrate fishing safety. Laotian rock rat, believed to be extinct, has been spotted. It's a squirrel-sized animal but with different behaviors: docile, calmly remained in handler's hands. Thailand celebrating the "King's grand diamond jubilee." A message was played from the Korean ambassador to Thailand, with congratulations from the Korean people for the 60th year of the King. Thailand was the second country to send troops to protect South Korea during its war. This is the 60th anniversary of the King's ascension to the throne. A blueprint for starting war between the USA and Iran was found in an Al-Qaeda safehouse in Iraq. Evidence was also found that concludes that the Iraqi insurgency is weakening. NATO security will take over from USA forces in southern Afghanistan in late July. Thai cuisine is a major export, and considered one of the world's top cuisines. There's smooth jazz background music while the announcer talks about a popular tea room and restaurant located in Bangkok. The broadcast ended with grandfather clock bells.

* 17 Jun 2006, 0700 UTC, 5950 khz (Radio Taiwan International): Four pirate radio stations have been shut down in southern Taiwan after broadcasting threats. Some of Taiwan's cab drivers are learning English. They typically take 14 hours of courses and must pass a speaking test in order to be able to place a "Yes, I speak english" sticker on their cab. English-speaking drivers could charge more than other drivers, but do not have exclusive rights to wait at places like hotels. English knowledge is considered a great skill that makes the job more lucrative. However, tourists don't know how to find a cab with an English-speaking driver.

The new cross-mountain Hsuehshan roadway tunnel opened. The 12.9km tunnel is the longest in Asia and cost approximately US$3 billion. Wikipedia states that "25 lives have been lost in the past 15 years of construction." Travel time should be cut from 2 hours to 30 minutes. US$100-150 billion invested in China by Taiwanese companies, which is 2-3 times more than has been approved by Taiwan's government. Saturday weather for Taipei: increasing clouds, 24-35C (75-95F). On this day in 1944, Haiti declared independence from the USA. Groove Zone show. The two announcers are joking with each other about who usually interrupts the show with a ringing cellphone. Now talking about bungee jumping and whether or not they would do it. "Taipei 101 - the world's tallest building". There was a fundraiser in which participants climbed the stairs in Taipei 101 to the top (94th) floor and raised a total of around US$60,000. The money went to charities that help abused women and children.

* 18 Jun 2006, 0200 UTC, 9560 khz (KBS South Korea): USA warns North Korea against missile test. The USA has the technical means to monitor for such a test. North Korea's ICBM testing could lead to further global isolation. A peaceful resolution to the situation has been urged by Nobel Prize winners. If South Korea defeats France in a World Cup game on Sunday, they will advance to the next round. Earnings of Golf player Michelle Wie (born in Hawaii of Korean descent) are estimated at US$17 million. The monsoon season is starting. South Korea will reassume control of its military in 2-3 years.

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