27 June 2006

shortwave recordings around the web

My friend Simon used to work on archive.org. So when I noticed that the complete Conet Project (recordings of shortwave numbers stations) was on archive.org in mp3 form, I emailed Simon about it. He then told me about Seism, a contributor who has uploaded recordings of numbers stations.

I searched archive.org for more shortwave audio. For something weird and noisy derived from shortwave recordings, try the Unproduct layered radio soundscapes (with low volume at first).

This archive.org query lists all audio files with "shortwave" in the description: shortwave AND mediatype:audio.

ShortWaveMusic is included in my links section. The author posts audio creations derived from multiple shortwave sources. [shortwavemusic hasn't been updated since January unfortunately!]

Here's a collection of shortwave recordings on another site. Visit Hugh's Awesome Shortwave Recordings and listen to many station IDs, jingles, and more in realaudio format. That page links to intervalsignals.net which is also worth visiting.


shortwavemusic said...

This is Myke Weiskopf, editor of the long-sleeping blog SHORTWAVEMUSIC.

You may be interested to know that the blog is now back online and scheduled for regular updates.

Kindly adjust your bookmarks, active feeds, blog alerts, and other similar activities to reflect this change.

Nb.: I am still writing this post in the same old manner, recording via the same old techniques, and proceeding unimpeded as if no delay had transpired. This still means regular trips up to Summit Park via bus and subway with my radio in tow. Hence, there will be times during Boston's rainy season when posting may be delayed. Don't Panic! My intention is to keep things "above-ground" for as long as I can manage.

Thanks again for your longstanding support.

weatherall said...

Welcome back Myke! My link to shortwavemusic is still there, and I'll be sure to listen to your latest mp3s. Thanks for the update!

shortwavemusic said...

Hiya weatherall. Just a follow-up ... Shortwavemusic is back online AGAIN with new material starting 1 October. Visit it at its new home at www.myke.me. Thanks!