01 June 2006

english shortwave broadcasters


Here is a list of shortwave broadcasters that I have received.

North America

* Radio Canada International
* VOA - Voice of America
* WBCQ, The Planet

Central America / Caribbean

* Radio Havana Cuba

South America


* BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
* Deutsche Welle
* Radio Bulgaria
* Radio Exterior de Espana
* Radio Netherlands
* Radio Slovakia International
* Radio Sweden
* Voice of Croatia


* Channel Africa


* All India Radio
* China Radio International
* KBS South Korea
* NHK Radio Japan
* Radio Taiwan International
* HSK9 Radio Thailand
* Voice of Korea (North Korea)
* Voice of Russia
* Voice of Vietnam


* Radio Australia
* Radio New Zealand International


Mohammed Shahid said...

Hello weatherall, I am a web-surfer from India. Shouldn't All India Radio (AIR) be listed in Asia than under Middle East ?. A related query: would you know if AIR's Urdu Language broadcasts can be heard in the SF region ?. Informative blog: came looking for some information on the Tecsun-BCL-2000, which I intend to buy. I have colleagues who go to HK; could you give an idea of how much I'll need to shell for a BCL-2000. thank you -shahid.

weatherall said...

Hi Shahid: Thanks a lot for your comments. I moved AIR to the Asia listings. I have only received it one time so far. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Urdu language so I am not sure how I would identify it. Can you recommend any specific times/frequencies I should try? I will look at the EiBi schedule.

I have a BCL-2000. I like it more for mediumwave DX than for shortwave reception. The audio quality is below average though. On eBay I paid about $44 for it (before shipping costs).

To get an idea of the radio prices in China, you can check www.ebay.com.hk or www.taobao.com, then convert the currency to your own. On taobao, I found a new BCL-2000 listed for around US$44. Unfortunately there is no longer a price listed on the manufacturer's website - www.tecsun.com.cn. It may be hard to find in stores in China but the BCL-3000 may be available at a higher price.

Mohammed Shahid said...

Hi Weatherall, Sorry about the delay in noticing your reply. In the intervening, my SF trip is done with - had trouble surviving so forget the SW listening ;-). Thanks for the BCL-2/3000 information.