21 May 2006

ham reception from cheyenne

7210 khz ssb, 12 Mar 2006, 0441-0445 UTC. Received in San Francisco, CA, USA with an Eton E5 and its whip antenna.

This amateur operator wants a clear channel in the 7 mhz range (40 meters), and has to compete with international broadcasters. He has snow in his location. He told another person that pictures were available of his house and a dipole antenna. The callsign sounded like K3OQB, and he advised another person to look him up on QRZ, but that callsign is not listed. Very sure of the first four characters, last character could be one of many (b, d, e, g, p, t, v, z). None of those are listed. He gave his location as Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. Anyone happen to know the correct callsign?

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