29 May 2006

cobalt pet mailbag

I like hearing mailbag shows on shortwave stations. It's a nice supplement to the news that a station covers, and it provides opinions from people around the world. The letters also ask questions relevant to shortwave, the station, the station's home country, or current world events. Radio Havana Cuba's mailbag show is the one I hear most frequently.

I'm going to have a mailbag show on this weblog, too! Write a comment here if you have any questions you want answered, or you want to discuss something directly or indirectly related to radio. I'll try to eventually use each submission, along with the contributor's name, in a future article.


Anonymous said...


Interesting. A mailbag?

I found a link to your webblog address from Radio Intelligencer website, and have been monitoring your threads since few months ago.

So, how to start participating on your "Mailbag Show"?. Where to send/post the questions?.

weatherall said...

Hi there:
Thanks for visiting. The Radiointel folks have been really nice to me. Ulis (K3LU) in particular helped me understand macro mode photography for improving the quality of radio pictures.

You can post a message here with your mailbag questions or comments, and hopefully I'll come up with a thoughtful reply and publish a response eventually.

Anonymous said...

Hi cobalt pet,

I just purchased Sony ICF-SW7600GR at the nearly end of 2005. Unfortunately, the receiver didn't come with it's original AC adaptor called "Sony AC-E60HG" (sold separately and now discontinued).

This so far, I've been powering the unit with NiMH rechargeable batteries, but I'm still not satisfied with the unit's performance due to the following results :
1. When the batteries get weak, my reception suffers/sounds noisy.
2. The tiny volume (sound isn't room filling).

Anyway, the original adaptor AC-E60HG was also dissapointed. I found Many reviews on internet wrote that it introduced noise/hum against the SW band (maybe this was the reason behind it's discontinued?).

So, we would like to know, how are you solving this "general problem" for any 7600GR users.

Thank you.

Derin, Indonesia