20 April 2006

tiny update

Hi everybody. I haven't been doing much shortwave reception this month. I'm still working on verification of my mediumwave station logs, which is getting harder now that I'm down to the weak stations and the spanish stations.

A Sangean ATS-505P was going for a decent price on eBay so I bought it. It's larger than I realized, and the buttons have that spongy feeling that I experienced on the Grundig YB-400PE / G4000A. The tuning knob has a nice smooth action, not the kind of chunky action found on radios like the Tecsun PL-200 and PL-350. The speaker is a bit hissy but it seems to have good range into the lower frequencies. I'm still feeling my way around and trying to decide if I want to keep it.

So, what have you been up to lately?


chuck said...

I find the audio very pleasing on the ATS-505/DX-402. And its shortwave sensitivity is better off the whip than my ATS-909.

Mediumwave conditions here in Missouri have been good lately. Plenty of stations across the entire dial.

Keep up the good work on this website. This has become one of my favorite spots on the web...

Anonymous said...

You mention e-bay and I noticed it's been flooded by e-10's,e-100's recently.
Eton has been closing out a few of it's lineup. If it included sideband I might try an e-1o..

weatherall said...

I don't think an E10 is worth it, since the Kaito 1102 and 1103 cost less and include both single sideband and dual conversion.