04 April 2006

bpl implications for shortwave listeners

Radiointel.com does a great job of posting BPL / PLC (broadband over power lines / power line communication) news articles. The news stories often mention ARRL complaints to the FCC regarding radio interference caused by BPL systems, and non-compliance with FCC regulations by a BPL system operator.

Ham radio operators and organizations file complaints regarding interference, and hopefully obtain results. For BPL systems, this involves notching out the frequencies where interference is disrupting a radio service. Notched-out frequency ranges reduce the available bandwidth for the BPL system, so BPL operators are likely to resist or ignore such demands. Ham radio operators are fortunate to have the ARRL to act as its voice in these matters. Shortwave listeners do not have the same form of representation.

Here is an ARRL article discussing the BPL issue in depth, with plenty of useful links:
Broadband over Power Line (BPL) and Amateur Radio

Here's the official BPL interference resolution website:

Here's some more BPL interference information provided by the ARRL:
BPL database and interference information

Shortwave listeners need to be aware of these issues and determine how to respond in the face of HF spectrum interference.


Origami Yoda said...

There are fewer things that piss me off more than BPL. We don't have enough waves pulsing through our bones. Don't mess with my shortwave signal!

weatherall said...

Well said, origami yoda. :)