08 April 2006

radio republica, jammed by cuba

On 26 Feb 2006 at 0035 UTC, I located a broadcast on 7205 khz. It was in Spanish, and I heard the familiar running-water sound of a jamming signal. This sounded like my previous receptions of Radio Marti. I checked the Radio Marti frequencies list, and didn't find 7205 khz listed but I found 7405 khz there. So I posted to rec.radio.shortwave to ask about this signal.

dxAce from Michigan replied: "Radio Republica, a clandestine broadcast to Cuba, has been using that frequency in the past few weeks".

Here's a page about Radio Republica on clandestineradio.com:
* http://www.clandestineradio.com/intel/station.php?id=50&stn=742

Here's the Radio Republica website:
* http://radiorepublica.org/

Are any of you fluent in Spanish and able to receive Radio Republica clearly? I'm interested in the kinds of information they are broadcasting.


Madridkid said...

Hey Cobalt,

They come in clear here in Europe around 0100 UTC and usually contain lively commentary about Cuban issues and other topics on Latin America. It´s usually a two person commentary. I like the station for their music.

weatherall said...

Thanks for your comment. I like two-person broadcasts more, especially when they have a good sense of humor. I'd also be interested in hearing Radio Republica's music selections.