01 September 2005

shortwave cheat sheet

I created a document containing lots of relevant information for shortwave listening. It's designed to print on one sheet of 8.5"x11" paper. TextEdit.app is a pretty good tool for this task, as it lets me set arbitrary tab stops and change font faces and sizes. I'm using Verdana 9 with 0.9x line spacing. Unfortunately, I can't get TextEdit to cooperate with respect to custom page layouts, so I'm stuck with the gratuitous 1" margins.

I'm not going to distribute my cheat sheet because it contains information copied and paraphrased from other sources, such as shortwave receiver manuals and various websites. But I'll tell you what's listed: frequency ranges for the broadcast bands; best listening conditions for those bands; a time-sorted list (with frequencies) of all the broadcasts I've heard (minus the religious ones); time station frequencies; major cities in each time zone; bands for ham radio, aeronautical, and maritime communications; reception and interference tips; explanation of radio wave propagation and the ionosphere; the nato phonetic alphabet; and a morse code guide.

In the past few days, I've been using my evening listening sessions to verify the frequency/broadcast schedule and find more broadcasts as listed on the excellent prime time shortwave website.

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