24 September 2005


"Mooncakes are expensive, are considered a delicacy, and go best with oolong or jasmine tea." (wikipedia.org)

On Wednesday, I learned about mooncakes while listening to Radio Taiwan International. A majority of mooncakes are eaten around the time of the Chinese Moon Festival. Mooncakes also symbolize the overthrow of the Mongols. Unfortunately (I say this because they sound delicious), mooncake popularity is declining due to people becoming health-conscious. Newer varieties of mooncakes use low sugar, high fiber, and little to no fat.

Previously, RTI had a segment about Din Tai Fung, a famous steamed dumpling restaurant in Taipei. RTI's cultural content likely helps to increase tourism (and eating) there.

Radio Taiwan International's broadcasts are sent across the Pacific Ocean via undersea cable, which certainly must contribute to the excellent signals (SIO 454-555) I receive (which are transmitted from Okeechobee, Florida following a satellite transmission originating in Oakland, California).

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