02 September 2005

listening hilights

Between approximately 0530-0730 UTC (02 Sep 2005), I listened to Radio Havana Cuba and Radio Taiwan International. Here are the highlights:

* Cuban Parliament releases declaration regarding Hurricane Katrina, saying that the news from the United States makes them sad, and that they express solidarity with the US people, government, local authorities (in affected areas), and victims. "The whole world should feel this tragedy as its own."

* China has 700 missiles aimed at Taiwan (whatever exactly that means), and more are expected.

* The "New music lounge with Julie Tang" focused on boy bands. I got to hear two songs from Taiwanese boy bands! English translations of the band names are "energy" and "the little tigers". I didn't care much for the songs but it was certainly something unique. And Julie, the show host, expressed annoyance with androgynous boy band members wo have their hair just right and wear too much makeup.

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